2017: Election

Manifesto for the Arts

This is a manifesto for the arts put together on twitter using the hashtag #manifesto4arts. 

1. Put creative subjects back into the curriculum for all ages to promote essential skills for all sectors - @sfella87

2. Funding for kids2see art, incl travel to big museums, make art, discuss art & have fun - @mjhodgeart

3. Freedom to express creativity without the burden of measure - @AnneQuinton

4. Every School should celebrate and value the arts

5. Experimental creative learning for all students

6. Art access is a human right

7. Funding to links with artists + galleries + museums

8. National funding for trips to galleries and museums for all children.

9. Artists in residence in schools

10. All subject leaders should have an Art Week in school to better understand how art can benefit their subjects and wellbeing

11. No Agesism in art

12. Protect and promote the arts

13. Take mental health more seriously , more expression about mental wellbeing

14. Clear separation between arts and politicians

15. Enshrine the right of all children to study the arts in all schools

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